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    "election_id": "nia.2022-05-05",
    "tmp_election_id": null,
    "election_title": "Northern Ireland Assembly elections",
    "poll_open_date": "2022-05-05",
    "election_type": {
        "name": "Northern Ireland Assembly elections",
        "election_type": "nia"
    "election_subtype": null,
    "organisation": {
        "url": "",
        "official_identifier": "nia",
        "organisation_type": "nia",
        "organisation_subtype": "",
        "official_name": "Northern Ireland assembly",
        "common_name": "Northern Ireland assembly",
        "slug": "nia",
        "territory_code": "NIR",
        "election_name": "Northern Ireland assembly election",
        "start_date": "1998-06-25",
        "end_date": null,
        "created": "1998-06-25T00:00:00Z",
        "modified": "2021-10-11T14:59:26.370579Z"
    "group": null,
    "group_type": "election",
    "identifier_type": "election",
    "children": [
    "elected_role": "Assembly Member",
    "seats_contested": null,
    "division": null,
    "voting_system": null,
    "current": false,
    "explanation": "The Northern Ireland Assembly is a devolved body, meaning that power has been transferred from the UK government to the Assembly in order to give Northern Irish people more say on the laws and legislation that govern local issues. The Northern Ireland Assembly holds power over matters relating to health, education, policing, agriculture, environment, roads and public transport.\r\n\r\nMembers of the Assembly are called MLAs (Members of the Legislative Assembly) and there are 90 elected in total. There are 18 constituencies and each is represented by 5 MLAs. When voting to elect members of the Northern Ireland Assembly voters rank the candidates in order of preference, number one being their first choice. \r\n\r\n[Find out more about the Assembly at the nidirect website.](",
    "metadata": null,
    "deleted": false,
    "cancelled": false,
    "replaces": null,
    "replaced_by": null,
    "tags": {},
    "created": "2022-01-04T16:46:15.290744Z",
    "modified": "2022-06-14T14:28:02.372300Z"